Welcome to Practical Financial Planning

We are a small team of independent financial planners and mortgage advisers based in Bristol specialising in advising individuals, families, business owners and trustees.

In today’s complex world, dealing with financial matters and the range of options can often be daunting. Our role is to cut through the confusion and work with you to develop a financial plan which you understand and meets your goals. Our aim is to deliver a consistent, high quality and personal service whilst working with you over the long term.

Our advice is guided by the following principles:



We believe that you should know exactly what you are paying for, for each aspect of advice and what service you will receive. Any fees or charges relating to our service and the products we recommend will be clearly identified with no smoke or mirrors.



We want all our clients to be happy with the service they receive. We avoid recommending products where they are locked in with exit penalties or would experience difficulty making changes if their personal or financial circumstances altered.


Adding Value

We offer different levels of service based on your requirements. We will only take on clients if we feel we can add significant value to their current situation.

Our Typical Client

We help clients at all stages of life and typically they want security for themselves and their family and financial independence, so that they can get on with their lives and look forward to their future.

We believe in building long term relationships based on mutual trust. We find that our typical client:

  • values an informal, personal and bespoke service over the slick – but often rather standardised approach of many larger institutions.
  • are open minded and can see the ‘big picture’.
  • are happy to delegate and understand that good advice is rarely free.
  • value experience, professionalism and a high level of qualifications over a sales driven process.